Learn 3 ways to tighten skin to recover ten years of youth_1

Learn 3 ways to tighten skin to recover ten years of youth

Although the looseness of the skin is not as obvious as the melanin or the texture, once the skin is encountered, it is the main key to make the old skin exposed.

  Recently, when I heard my friends under 30 discussing their own skin condition, the topic began to revolve around “My eyes drooped” and “My face collapsed.”Whether it is real loose, fake loose, visually loose, skinny but not fluffy . you can all use the following three methods to help you to restore the youthful beauty for several years.

  The first trick: the eye lift movement is only a piece of paper in the thickness and fragility of the eye area. Even if it has to work very hard to blink more than 12,000 times a day, rub your eyes and wear itThe contact lenses are not gentle enough, and the patience of makeup removal (especially after pour back and forth a few times after applying waterproof mascara), these abuses around the eyes have accumulated for a long time, making the window of soul into observationThe best lookout for age, if you want to know if you have a problem with eyelids, you can observe whether the double eyelid folds are getting narrower and narrower, and even gradually become the inner double eyelids (this is why the older ageYou have to start planning for the reason to cut your eyelids), and you should start alerting.

  It is not only natural intensification, the maintenance action is too rough, causing the elastic fibers around the eyes to rupture and cause the eyelids to sag. If there is bubble eyes caused by edema or sensitivity, the skin will also change due to long-term “full support”I am tired and tired, so the eye area changes from pseudo relaxation to permanent relaxation, so in addition to stimulating collagen proliferation and anti-allergy anti-glucan to raise eye area, it is also a good method to promote circulation.

It is recommended that you choose an eye cream with strong anti-aging ability. Every day, with L-shaped eye lifts, the eye lines will be firmer.

  Product recommendation: L’Oreal Paris Resurfacing Double Lifting Eye Essence Milk Reference Price: ¥ 200.

00 Product specifications: 15ml Product introduction: double tube technology, white tube smoothes the lower eye area, red tube lifts the upper eyelid with white cream for lower eye area wrinkle, red gel for upper eyelid pull, this elite milk passes doubleThe eye care allows the drooping eyelid skin to be lifted up instantly.

  Editor’s comment: reduce wrinkles and improve eye puffiness, lighten dark circles.

Lifts and tightens the skin on the upper eyelids.

Eyes look youthful and radiant.

Skin glow like a newborn.

Rejuvenating Double Lifting Eye Essence Milk can improve the effect of the eyes and enhance the effect of eye makeup.

  Second trick: Does Golden Golden Face Massage have such experience? After working one day, the size of the face seems to be half larger than when I just went out!

You are not mistaken. Your face is really overwhelmed by fatigue. Japan even put forward a “five o’clock outline” statement for this phenomenon, indicating that the face shape close to off-hours will quietly move like earth and stones.However, the looseness of this type of tiredness can actually be returned to “Joe” by both hands. Through moderate massage or pat on the face, the skin will become more and more upright and energetic, stimulating microvessels and nerve endings.Exercise can enhance skin nutrient transport and metabolic waste.

  In addition to lifting upwards, the facial features are slightly adjusted upwards, gently from the inside out, and massaged from the sides of the lower jaw to the collarbone direction. The haze on the body is removed by lymphatic detoxification, which will also help the skin cells to move and breathe.The facial spirit is refreshed; it is necessary to pay attention to the extensibility of massage creams. Because the general creams are not specifically designed for use, if they are in the toughness for too long, they will relax due to excessive pulling!

After using a massage cream, there is still a need for complete follow-up maintenance. Because massage products are usually more targeted at circulation and increase the skin’s oxygen content, it is more difficult for giants to remove wrinkles and whitening. It is still necessary to hand over essences and lotions.Go for it.

  Product recommendation: SK-II Youth Massage Cream Reference price: ¥ 620.

00 Product Specification: 80ml Product Introduction: Pitera Active Cell Enzyme of SK-II Youth Massage Cream can strengthen skin function and keep skin healthy, youthful and healthy. Vitamin E contained in it can promote skin blood circulation, moisturizing and lubricating.And improve skin texture function, make dry skin rejuvenate, and the particle size formula makes it easier to clean and wipe after massage!

Fragrance-free and pigment-free, will not irritate the skin, suitable for various skin properties!

  Editor’s comment: After cutting, it will be obvious that the entire face becomes smooth and tender, improving the uneven color of the skin, the whole person has a breath, the face lines are much better, and the face feels tight., Effectively improve loose skin, feel youthful and energetic.

  The third trick: to prevent the drop-shaped pores and pores from interdependent, because once the skin is loosened, the pores will also sag due to the difficulty of resisting gravity, and from time to time, the round pores in young age will be transformed into water-drop-shaped pores.Then, is it just seeing the small water droplets grow up and become difficult to clean up?


In contrast, the pores corrode the skin to form the unevenness and dark surface of the moon’s surface roughness. Even if the facial lines are not derailed too much, it will also cause the illusion that it is easier to relax, but they can also positively affect each other.The pores are properly adjusted to maintain the firmness of the visual system!

However, many pore-type care products with reflective effects usually rely on the oil absorption of the powder staying on the pores to achieve the task. Most of the powders will become larger due to the continuous adsorption of oil, but will make the pores more plump.Be especially careful!

  Product recommendation: Skin Food Peach Sake Shrink Pores Isolation Reference Price: ¥ 179.

00 Product specifications: 30g Product introduction: Ultra-fine particle powder, all-round extension effect, can tighten pores, modify fine lines, refreshing and smooth, long-lasting and difficult to remove makeup.

[Usage]Take an appropriate amount, apply a thin layer evenly to the skin of the face, and repeat the application on the obvious pores.

  Editor’s comment: The exclusive secretion plasmid is extracted from peaches, Japanese sake and various natural plants with exclusive technology.

Recently, scientists have also confirmed that sake can help tighten pores and condition the excessive secretion of oil, leaving the skin supple and shiny without rejecting unevenness.