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Do preschool children need tonic?

As the policy of one-child policy has not improved, in recent years, too many parents have been eager to love children, looking for a child to become a dragon, looking at a woman into a phoenix, always trying to give their children some tonics, such as ginseng royal jelly, sun god oral liquid, bird’s nest chicken essenceEtc., and some often give children stewed Cordyceps, fish gelatin, American ginseng and so on.

As a result, often things are counterproductive, some bodies get fat prematurely, some often constipation, insomnia, get angry, and some even develop premature “sexual precocity” phenomenon, resulting in short stature.

This is tantamount to destructive growth and not worth the candle.

So, do children need tonic?

As I said before, the child is a “pure yang body”, with a strong vitality and rapid development, so healthy children do not have to supplement.

At the same time, Chinese medicine also believes that children’s viscera is delicate and dirty, and the dirty gas is not full. “Sinty yin and yang”, after suffering from illness, it is easy to hurt and consume, and it is easy to form various kinds of deficiency syndrome. Therefore, it should be timely and appropriately adjusted.To promote the recovery of righteousness.

Appropriate compensation in the following cases: 1.

The complexion is pale, the body is thin, the abdominal distension is loose, the appetite is weak, and the spleen and stomach are weak;

Physical weakness, spontaneous sweating, and shortness of breath, susceptible to colds, bronchitis, high blood pressure;

Those who suffer from chronic diseases or acute illnesses;

Insufficient congenital value, growth retardation.

銆€銆€Parents should strictly control the indications, correctly replace the supplements, and make scientific and reasonable supplements in order to achieve the goal without side effects.

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