[Can crayfish be eaten during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can crayfish be eaten during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

Pregnant women, as the focus of protecting the crowd in their lives, must pay attention to their own conditioning during pregnancy.

Many women like to eat crayfish very much, even after pregnancy. Crawfish is rich in protein, but women also need to pay attention when eating crayfish to avoid the presence of parasites.

So can I really eat crayfish during pregnancy?


Protein is the basic substance of life. Crayfish is rich in protein, and the flesh of the shrimp is soft and easy to digest.

In the early stages of pregnancy, which is the first three months of pregnancy, eating shrimp can protect the cardiovascular system.

From the fourth month of pregnancy, your baby will begin to develop bones. At this time, you will start to pay attention to calcium supplementation.

Eating shrimp is a good way to add calcium.

Therefore, pregnant women can eat crayfish early, but it must be: pregnant mothers have no allergies such as shrimp.

If you are allergic to seafood products such as shrimp, it is not appropriate to eat shrimp to avoid increasing the risk of oxidant allergy.


Crayfish are cold, and spicy seasonings are usually added to dispel the cold, so the taste is often heavier, and it is easy for mothers to get angry.

Therefore, expectant mothers should eat the right amount of crayfish. After eating, you can drink some cooler healthy drinks. Beware of getting angry.

Lobster may contain certain parasites. If the parasite eggs are not sintered in place and cannot be killed, pregnant women may cause parasite infection after eating and affect the normal development of the embryo.

Therefore, the crayfish need to be cooked, as only the cooked parasite can kill the parasite.


If you want to eat, buy fresh live shrimp and cook it yourself to make sure the lobster is cooked through.

Do not eat it half-baked, or the parasite eggs cannot be completely killed.

Do not eat shrimp heads, shrimp shells and internal organs, as these areas are prone to accumulate heavy metal substances, which is not suitable for the body.