Ten Myths About Eggs: Raw Eggs Are More Nutrition

Ten Myths About Eggs: Raw Eggs Are More Nutrition


Red-shelled eggs are more nutritious than white-shelled eggs. Some people have always thought that red-shelled eggs are more nutritious. The market price of red-shelled eggs is more expensive than that of white-shelled eggs.

2 yuan / jin.

In this way, tests show that the color of the eggshell is not related to nutrition.

The nutrition of eggs is related to feed.

However, recently I found that red and white eggs are on the market for the same price.


Farm eggs (native eggs) are more nutritious. Real farm eggs (not counterfeit) may be more delicious, but tests have shown that farm eggs are no more than foreign eggs (eggs in laying hen farms) in terms of nutrient content.

There is at least no evidence of “nascent eggs” that “nascent eggs” (the first or several eggs laid by a hen) are more nutritious than later eggs.

Is a typical hype concept.


The color of the egg yolk is as yellow as possible. The color of the yolk contains various pigments. Some of these pigments, such as carotene, have nutritional value.

However, existing “technology” can easily make the yolk darker, regardless of nutrition.

I believe we have not forgotten the case of “Red Duck Egg”.


“Hair eggs” are tonics. Eggs, or “dead eggs,” are sediments of eggs that have hatched halfway, and are eaten as tonics (often barbecued) in many places (at least in many cities in Liaoning).

In fact, the nutritional value of wool eggs is not high.

Moreover, it often contains a lot of bacteria and is very unsanitary.


The longer you cook eggs, the better. Regarding this issue, Fan’s blog has a detailed explanation: “The best state to eat eggs is that the egg whites have solidified, and the egg yolk is in a semi-solidified or flowing state.

This will not only ensure digestion and absorption, but also avoid loss of nutrients. ”


Raw eggs diet nutrition Raw eggs can interfere with the absorption of biotin (a B vitamin). Although occasionally and not often raw eggs do not cause biotin deficiency, raw eggs are always unhygienic.
You know, hens lay eggs and defecate in the same set of pipes, which are easily contaminated.


The old custom of giving birth to eggs by mothers has become a true fallacy.

Women should eat a variety of foods (including meat, eggs, milk, beans, vegetables, and fruits) (eg, one or two eggs per day) to achieve a balanced distribution.

The “millet porridge + egg” approach is very stupid.


“Functional eggs” are better than ordinary eggs. The so-called “functional eggs” refers to the use of feed technology to make eggs available for zinc, iodine, selenium, calcium and other nutrients.

This sounds good, but in real life, because there are no standards and no detection, it is easy to fake.


Do n’t eat eggs with soy milk People who say “do n’t eat eggs with soy milk” say: “raw soy milk” contains protease inhibitors, which can inhibit the activity of human proteases and affect the digestion of proteins (such as in eggs) in the bodyAnd absorbed.

The problem is that no one drinks raw soy milk, we all drink it. After the soy milk is heated, the protease inhibitor is destroyed and does not work.

So there is no problem in eating eggs with soy milk.