Sleepless at night and sleepy during the day

Sleepless at night and sleepy during the day

The U.S. Department of Health describes chronic insomnia as “a situation where it is difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep.”

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Research Center, too many adults sometimes suffer from insomnia, and one in ten adults have chronic insomnia.

  What exactly prevents us from falling asleep?

More importantly, how can we get out of this insomnia cycle?

  We live in a fast-moving world. Everyone around us is struggling and moving forward at the same time.

There is nothing wrong with moving fast.

But the rest must not be made in a hurry.

  So, what should we do to get us out of sleepiness and have a good sleep?


Keep an eye on what you allow to reduce the amount of caffeine replacement during the day because its effects are gradual.

Also pay special attention to alcohol consumption.

  Alcohol suppresses melatonin and disrupts your natural sleep.

At the same time, keep a distance from those teas that promote sleep.

Many teas contain valerian (in addition to its role as a sleeping pill), and it also has a diuretic effect, which may cause you to go to the bathroom every night to replace it.

  To relax before going to bed, you can set a bedtime routine and do it every night, because many people bring the stress of their day work to night.

The so-called bedtime routine is learning how to get out of the awake world-learning to focus your attention in the bedroom.


Find time to relax and give yourself some time each night to relieve stress, at least thirty minutes.


Communicating with your body The management of the night helps you communicate with your body and let you out of the sober kingdom.

Take a hot bath, add a few drops of lavender or lemon mint oil, squeeze some gentle yoga, or simply massage.


Pay attention to your breathing. Use meditation to slow down your thoughts, such as paying attention to meditation and breathing exercises.


Rethinking your sleeping space falling asleep requires a high level of psychological security.

  Dimming the lights and placing items around you that feel safe: such as a mom’s quilt or comfortable pajamas, or holding a boyfriend’s arm.

  In addition, don’t forget to control the bedroom temperature below 20 ° C. This temperature can simulate the natural temperature of the earth at dusk and will make you consciously enter your dreamland.