Month: February 2020

Self-massage removes expression lines

Self-massage removes expression lines Guide: Whether you are a mature woman or a young girl, will it invade the small lines of the bladder? When you have a life behavior such as staying up late, dehydration, and a lot of weight loss, wrinkles may occur. In addition to the basic maintenance of moisturizing and sun […]

Characteristics of medicated diet

Characteristics of medicated diet Medicinal diet is a food prepared by combining medicine with food improvement. Through cooking and processing, it is a major feature of Chinese medicine diet and health care to make delicious dishes that have both food and medicine functions. Drug therapy is superior to ordinary foods from a nutritional point of […]

Normal temperature of newborn

Normal temperature of newborn One night, a confinement mother 9 days after delivery found the nurse on duty: my baby had a fever and his temperature was 37. 6 ℃, what should I do? The nurse came to the maternity and baby’s recuperation room and felt that the room temperature was higher and the baby […]

Beijing Yoga Garden: Lin Jia (Linda)

Beijing Yoga Garden: Lin Jia (Linda) At the end of 2007, he started teaching in Chinese and English in Yoga Garden.  Because I like yoga, I started to practice yoga systematically in 2005. With the gradual understanding of yoga, it is found that yoga can bring physical relaxation and spiritual joy to people.   Completed a […]

Scientific fitness to be a healthy white-collar worker

Scientific fitness to be a healthy white-collar worker “11:30 to 1:30 noon and 4:30 to 8:30 pm are the two peak schedules for the current gym. “According to the coach at the fitness center. In terms of physical functioning, 4:00 to 6:00 pm is the best golden order for sports, but office workers who have […]

Correcting bad habits

Correcting bad habits Guide: Correcting bad habits. Beauty habits are one step higher. Everyone wants to have a beautiful face. Because beauty is often the first pass for a person, beauty becomes an indispensable life content for some people.No matter how to do beauty and care, it is important to be healthy while being beautiful. […]

Secret learn beauty editor daily protection hair tips_1

Tips for beauty editors daily hair care tips You may have such doubts after watching the advertisement of shampoo. The star’s shining hair is small and is just a product of computer synthesis. Can you see such beautiful hair in life? After all, what we see in life is often split ends, dry hair without […]

Excellent character for physical exercise

Excellent character for physical exercise Sports psychology research confirms that certain physical activities require a higher level of self-control, firm confidence, courage and determination, and tough, willful mentality. Therefore, targeted physical exercise has extraordinary effects on cultivating a sound personality.   If you feel that you are not in a group and you are not used […]

Identifying Eucommia ulmoides

Identifying Eucommia ulmoides Eucommia ulmoides is the bark of Eucommia ulmoides plant, shaved off the rough skin and dried by “sweating”.   Eucommia ulmoides, traditional Chinese medicine is a medicine for tonifying the yang, which can nourish the liver and kidney, and strengthen the kidneys. Indications: Lumbar pain, sore feet, knees, impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, […]

TCM health does not equal health prevention

TCM health does not equal health prevention Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to “I don’t know if I have been cured but not diseased”, while traditional Chinese medicine treats the health of a person as a whole, not only the conditioning of the body from the inside out, but also the harmonious unification of the […]