Laminate flooring with sandpaper

Laminate flooring with sandpaper

Composite laminate flooring has become the first choice for many people in home furnishings due to its high abrasion resistance, diverse colors, and moderate prices.

  But in general, composite wood flooring is made of wood fibers after being broken, and then pressed into boards with adhesives. Therefore, formaldehyde, health, environmental protection, etc. can be keywords for choosing laminate flooring.

  The test report is more important than the certificate. It is understood that there are many brands of laminate flooring in the market, and there are differences in quality and price. Many OEM manufacturers have become a hotbed for environmental problems.

Chen Bin, the manager of the home floor wall covering materials department of Home Depot Building Materials reminds consumers that they must not forget to look at the product test report when purchasing.

  He explained: “This is because even if the product has a certificate of conformity, you can’t rest assured when you buy it, because a product certificate is not a basis for environmental protection.

It is best to take a look at the product test report and see that the “formaldehyde release amount” is sufficient to reach the free formaldehyde content ≤1 stipulated by national environmental protection standards.

5mg / L; look at the testing unit, the testing report issued by the provincial and national forestry bureau is generally authoritative.

In addition, he suggested to try to buy products from independent manufacturers. They have their own fixed production plants. The separation of production can be well controlled, and the environmental protection of the products cannot be guaranteed. However, consumers are often difficult to distinguish.When buying, try to go to a reputable dealer to understand and buy.

  In addition to environmental protection indicators, wear resistance of composite flooring is also a concern of many consumers.

The reporter learned in the interview that it is mainly a chemical coating on the floor surface.

Xing Xiaojuan, head of Zhengzhou Regional Marketing Department of Anxin Wood Flooring, taught us a shopping tip: When buying, consumers bring a piece of sandpaper, find a template, and use sandpaper to grind back and forth for 10?
20 times, if the pattern is broken, it belongs to the unqualified floor without wear layer; if it is polished 20?
40 times, the pattern is obviously damaged, it belongs to the low wear-resistant floor.

In addition, some clues can be polished by observation.

Generally, the floor with good abrasion resistance is sprayed with aluminum oxide on the surface of the decorative paper. If the sample is exposed to sunlight, if it has a metallic luster and a powdery feel, it is close to the matte effect, indicating that the floor has aluminum oxide resistance.Abrasive layer, good wear resistance.

If there is metallic luster but no powdery feeling, the surface may be coated with resin and the wear resistance is poor.

In addition, you should also check the abrasion resistance in the test report of the product. Generally, the abrasion resistance of household composite flooring can be more than 6000 rpm.