Frequent auricle massage is good for your health

Frequent auricle massage is good for your health

Ear contours are called “reduced body shapes” by medical experts. There is a physiological internal connection between various parts of the ear and internal organs.

  The following are several commonly used auricle fitness methods, which are often used to regulate various functions, improve the body’s immunity, and help to resist disease fitness. It can also promote blood circulation in the ears.Role.

  Insert the auricle: palm facing the auricle, after kneading 20 times clockwise, change it to counterclockwise 20 times; then change another auricle and proceed according to law.

Do it 3 times in the morning and evening. Don’t use too much force when rubbing.

  Pinching the tragus: The tragus is also called the small ear.

Take the thumb and forefinger to squeeze and relax the tragus. The left and right tragus are performed at the same time, 20-30 times at a time. Do not use excessive force when rubbing.

  Loosening contour: palm facing the auricle, gently pressing in the direction of the inner ear, then lightly, repeatedly, starting every 3-5 minutes, increasing to 5-10 minutes later, twice in the morning and evening.

  Ear-screw: Gently insert the index finger into the outer ear hole, turning it back and forth for 20 times each time, using even force, speed should not be too fast, to prevent wound skin, do not do both ears at the same time, generally left and right.

  Over the head method: After getting up in the morning every morning, use your right hand to guide your head above the left auricle 21 times. This method is often practiced, which can make people’s hair not white, ears can’t be heard, the body is light and brainy, and the disease is strong.