[How to make meatloaf noodles]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to make meatloaf noodles]_ making method _ practice Daquan

The cakes are stuffed and not stuffed. The cakes are made of noodles. Pasta is good for human digestion and is easily absorbed by the body.

Meatloaf is a kind of breaded meat filling. It is more delicious and nutritious. Some people have a hard time mastering the noodles when making meatloaf.How is it better and how is the meatloaf noodle?

Let ‘s take a look next.


Prepare flour (500g), water (appropriate amount), sugar filling, and peanut oil.


Procedure 1.

Scoop the flour into the basin, take a small bowl, open the tap of the tap water, and get more than half a bowl of cold water, add some boiling water, and make it into about 30 degrees warm water.


Hold a water bowl in your left hand and a pair of chopsticks in your right hand, and pour water while stirring the flour in the basin. The flour will gradually come out.


Continue to pour water into the place with dry flour, and keep stirring until all the dry flour is put in, including the bottom of the basin, and there is no more dry flour. At this time, the ratio of flour to water is just right.

Put about 350 grams of water for every 500 grams of flour.


Use chopsticks to turn the noodles in one direction and stir all the noodles into dough. It is better if you don’t see the noodles.


Cover the dough with a pre-cage cloth, cover it and let the dough simmer for 10 minutes.


Use the chopsticks to continue mixing the dough until it looks like the dough is very elastic and gluten-like, and the softness of the dough is not a hard dough that can be shaped, or even a soft dough that can be deformed on a plateThere seemed to be a pool of sensations, at which point some of them were reconciled.


Sprinkle some dry flour on the cardboard, use chopsticks to pick the dough onto the dry flour, make the whole dough stick to the dry powder, cut into individual pieces, wrap the prepared sugar filling, and bake in a pan. Use thisSomething the dead side did was done.


Note and some noodles, use warm water to make the noodles soft and glutinous.

And some noodles use hands and chopsticks throughout.